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Dear Parents and Families,


Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! I’m excited to team with you and your student to make their 5th grade year full of learning opportunities, challenging projects, and memories.  Fifth grade is a big year! We have opportunities such as DARE, special field trips, and the end of year Oregon Coast Adventure that kids have been waiting years to participate in. Working together, I’m sure we can make this a year they won’t soon forget.


Behavior Expectations


Fifth grade students are expected to come to class everyday prepared to work hard, have a great attitude, and have fun.  Fifth graders are expected to be respectful to all students, teachers, and staff here at Central Point Elementary. The three school rules are-


  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Safe


In addition to these three school rules we have three classroom rules-


  • Be Kind
  • Be Positive
  • Be Ready


During the first few weeks of school we will learn what each of the expectations are and how they look in the classroom.  We will also discuss the consequences if we choose to break a rule. These include, but are not limited to-


  •  warning
  •  5 minutes from recess
  •  10 minutes from recess, PBIS visit, parent contact



Any homework given has been carefully planned out and is designed to reinforce skills learned in class that day.   The only exception to this will be for independent research projects.  Regular homework should never take more than one hour at night.  Homework will generally consist of a math practice and 30 minutes of independent reading.  Homework is due the next day, and is to be placed in the basket at the start of the day.

Reading Log

Strong reading skills are essential for a solid academic foundation. Like riding a bike, reading takes practice, practice, and more practice to become fluent. As part of our nightly homework, students are asked to read 30 minutes per night.  Please have your child fill out the reading log to document how much they are reading at home and have you initial nightly.

Classroom Website

Nearly everything you need to know about our classroom appears on, our classroom webpage.  

Major Areas of Study

Instruction is based on the National Common Core Standards with an emphasis on math, language arts, American History, and Science.  We will be using a blended classroom this year, integrating technology with the traditional learning set up. Many assignments will be given and turned in using Google Classroom.  If access to a computer or the internet is an issue for your family, please let me know.

In addition to academic standards we will also focus on our Central Point Elementary Core Values.  These include: a sense of purpose, engagement, creativity, determination and perseverance (grit), empathy, collaboration, a sense of community, and respect.

Contacting Me

I look forward to working with you to provide your student a memorable school year.  Please feel free to contact me by stopping by the classroom, email at, or by phone 541-664-6500. 

Here’s to a great school year!

Charles Hadley

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