Conjunction Junction What’s Your Function

This week’s Super Sentences have focused on the use of joining words or conjunctions.  Please enjoy the creativity of your kids by reading the comments below.

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18 Responses to Conjunction Junction What’s Your Function

  1. Morgan says:

    Our awesome teacher Mr. Hadley is in class,and is very fast and smart.

  2. Jordan says:

    I saw superman with ticks in his tights so, my mom asked if we could help I said nope.

  3. Trey says:

    On Tuesday I saw superman wear his tights ,but he wasn’t wearing anything else !!!

  4. Espn Ostroskie says:

    Mr.Hadley wore Superman’s tights, but they ripped at his bum when he was piking up his pencil.

  5. nathaniel curwood says:

    I don’t understand why Mr Hadley wore super man tights to school but, they ripped in a very bad spot.

  6. Devon says:

    Our awesome teacher M.r Hadley was wearing tights in class and all of his students were laughing

  7. Addison June Griffin says:

    Superman when’t to the jungle ,and he got ticks!

  8. Mirabella Sorrentino says:

    Our teacher Mr.Hadley is pretty cool,but he acts like a monkey everywhere he goes!

  9. Jack nickerson says:

    Twenty eight day,s ago spider man had ticks on his tights but Mr. Hadley was not their to see it were was he!?

    jack nickerson

  10. sophie says:

    I ran to the albertsons, but there was no orange juice.

  11. Jennah Hanger says:

    Mr. Hadley is an evil animal that loves Resses-Peanut-butter-cups, but he enjoys to torture his students with these words,”Learn your math facts!”

  12. sylus says:

    I saw my teacher running down the street last week,and he was wearing superman’s tights an they had tick’s on them.

  13. jason says:

    Today at school Mr. hadley ate so many beans that he shot like a rocket to outer space and landed on the moon and saw aliens there.

  14. Abigail Pilling says:

    Our teacher mr.Hadly doesn’t yell at us(most of the time),but he does give us candy so its ok with it.

  15. holly says:

    My teacher Mr.Hadley saw some resees peanut butter cups, but they belonged to someone else.

  16. Tristin says:

    Our awesome teacher Mr. Hadley was wearing superman’s tights in the mall at Justice,but I think they are gross because it has ticks from laying on the ground.

  17. Paiten Tallman says:

    Our awsome teacher Mr. Hadley loves Reeses-Peanut-Butter-Cups ,but he also loves other candy bars like Twix and Rolos.

  18. Cassidy Wells says:

    Our awesome teacher Mr. Hadley loves his super man’s thights
    ,but I think they are gross because they have ticks.

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